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Tiffany Anne Gates

I have had the privilege to be a part of The Phoenix Effect family since Beth signed on and taken this program to the outstanding level it is today! Not only are the classes challenging, all around beneficial to fitness, toning and muscle strengthening, they are a BLAST! Music is pumping, all attitudes are positive, many folks (including myself) are dancing about, and the energy inspires us all to perform our best for class! Be prepared to be greeted with a warm “Hello” and a hug from trainers and your new Phoenix Effect friends/family! I LOVE it!

Chelsea Morgensen

The Phoenix Effect is like no other workout I have ever done! When I first moved to LA, my cousin took me to a Phoenix Effect class and I was hooked! I went almost every single day during the month I lived in West Hollywood. I saw amazing results! I was so surprised at how much my body changed in just that month! I leave there dripping sweat every single time! On a couple of occasions, the class got so hot from all our hard work that we set the fire alarms off! Yep! The workouts are THAT crazy! Another thing I love about The Phoenix Effect is how much all the trainers truly care about you, how hard they push you and the fact that they all know your limits. They will also encourage you and cheer you on the entire time! It really helps me when I hear my name yelled out and when I am told how well I am doing. It gives me an extra boost of energy and that is exactly what I get every time I go! I have never been to a workout class where I feel like part of a huge family! Everyone from the trainers to all the people attending become one big family the moment you walk in that door.

“I actually look forward to going to class. I can’t say that about any other fitness program I’ve tried.”

Jules Brudek

For the record, I hate exercise. I don’t like to sweat. Breathing hard isn’t my thing. And except for the morning, when I bend over to lift the newspaper, I barely move. Imagine my surprise (read: irritation) when my friend tricked me into attending the Phoenix Effect last year. I panicked. Would I make it through the entire class without passing out? The impossible happened. I completed the class. Moreover, the time sailed by, an hour seemed mere minutes. The structure of the class is designed like an exciting obstacle course. My mind couldn’t focus on suffering. And, I lived to tell the tale. There’s more. Upon arrival, I was greeted by positive, non-judgmental classmates of all different shapes, sizes and performance levels. During class, the instructor cheered me on and showed me helpful tricks to master the exercises. After class, I felt accomplished and strong. I’ve never felt that way. I wanted to go back to the Phoenix Effect. So, I did. I went three times a week. One year later, I’ve had powerful results. I went from 240lbs to 190lbs. I’m leaner, muscular, and have more energy too. Most importantly, I feel great! There is a certain magic at the Phoenix Effect, a spirit of hope. No matter who you are, or if by chance, you are coming straight off the couch, like I did, it can change your whole outlook on fitness. It can change your life!
Now, I like exercise. . . There I said it.

“I leave there dripping sweat every single time! On a couple of occasions, the class got so hot from all our hard work that we set the fire alarms off!”


David Ferrante

I was introduced to Phoenix Effect last year at the age of 49, and I brought bad squats, poor balance and shoulder and knee injuries to the table. One year later, after training with the world-class instructors at TPE, I’m stronger, healthier, fitter, and can do squats like a pro! Phoenix Effect “entire body” classes have transformed me into a true athlete and I’m grateful for the incredible group of instructors and classmates who’ve helped me along the way.

AJ Brody

I was working with a trainer and working out on my own for over a year. I saw good results but wasn’t satisfied. My trainer suggested I try a high-intensity interval training class like The Phoenix Effect. A lot of my friends were already taking classes, so I decided to check it out. The results I saw in only 6 weeks blew me away. It took away that stubborn 5 extra lbs. I couldn’t lose. I became more lean and my muscles more defined. The classes are so much fun. It’s a great group of guys and girls, and the trainers know how to really create an effective workout no matter your exercise level. Anyone can do it!

I went from being described as “in shape” to “being ripped” by friends and family. The Phoenix Effect affordably gave me the results I was looking for in the shortest amount of time. It is now a staple in my workout regime.

“It is now a staple in my workout regime.”

Steve Holzer

The Phoenix Effect changed my life by changing the way I look at fitness. Not only do I feel like I get an ass-kicking workout every time, but the team of incredible instructors has created a family and a community of athletes that supports and encourages and pushes each other. I actually look forward to going to class. I can’t say that about any other fitness program I’ve tried.

Rudy Coblentz

I’ve been going going to Phoenix Effect for the last 8 months and love the results I am getting. The classes are tough, but fun! The instructors guide you and push each member to be the best they can be. I’ve lost body fat, gained muscle and increased my endurance levels. It’s been awesome! Along with the intense workouts I’ve made some great friends in the classes and it makes going a lot more fun!

Phoenix Effect LA